Iron Demonstration

It’s a scandal almost nobody knows about. Almost half of humanity suffers from untreated iron deficiency because the doctors are wrongly trained (iron lies). Women and children are particularly affected. Switzerland was the first country to introduce successful intravenous iron therapy in 1998 thanks to the IronCode. However, before the end of this year, the Federal Council intends to massively limit the legal coverage of iron therapy after twenty years. This would be an undeserved slap in the face for women and children in Switzerland.

Now is the time to act. Women, unite and fight for iron therapy. Because of menstruation we lose so much iron that many of us have to suffer from deficiency symptoms. The Swiss doctors give us back the iron (iron compensation) and the health insurance companies pay for it. It has to stay that way. The government does not have the right to punish us for our menstruation and to lift the insurance cover.

That is why we are going to the Bundesplatz in Bern on 4 May at 3 pm.

Program: Speeches with musical framework

Susanne Galliker, Eisenliga

Dr. med. Beat Schaub, Erstes Ärztliches Eisenzentrum Binningen, Präsident SIHO

Dr. med. Susanne Cording, Ärztliches Eisenzentrum Yverdon-les-Bains

Dr. med. Peter Meyer, Ärztliches Eisenzentrum Zürich

Sabine Gunz, iron deficiency patient

Ruzica Mjatovic, iron deficiency patient

Dr. med. Cyrill Jeger, Ärztliches Eisenzentrum Olten

Irène Kälin, Grüne Nationalrätin

Nadia Coin, iron deficiency patient

Cornelia Maria Schönenberger, iron deficiency patient

Eleonor Büchel, iron deficiency patient

Dr. med. Bruno Büchel, Ärztliches Eisenzentrum Yverdon-les-Bains, Vize-Präsident SIHO